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Len Dawson

Len Dawson

Year Inducted: 1987

β€œIn 1961, I had completed five years in the NFL and that was the time you started building the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And I am sure if anyone would have asked at that time, 'Don't you think Len Dawson might one day be here?,' after they got up off the floor from laughing, they would say Why should he be? What has he done?' But I am the seventh son of a seventh son. Things happen to me. A man in Dallas, Texas, by the name of Lamar Hunt had a dream. He wanted to get in professional football, in a league called the AFL. And he had the good sense to hire Hank Stram as the coach... Had it not been for Hank Stram and knowing me there would not have been a seventh look for the seventh son of a seventh son.” – Len Dawson, Enshrinement Speech

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